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Model AS-50 is designed for electrical wire and cable. Can be mounted on a service body vertically. Adjustable center accommodates rolls of wire from 15'' to 20'' id. Reel is 32'' od.
Width adjusts from 7'' to 10''. It has a combination wire guide & braking device. Brake releases when wire is pulled. Brake is reversible, so that it can be used on either side of truck. The guide allows the wire to be pulled up to a 45 degree angle. The coil of wire is easily installed by removing the outer section of reel. No tools are needed, as it is equipped with a wing-nut which can be removed by hand.

AS-60 reel identical to AS-50 reel, except AS-60 is 36'' in diameter. This reel is ideal for unrolling plastic drip irrigation line.
This reel must be shipped by truck line.
AS-50 Weight: 68 lbs

Price $399.00
$399 fob Spearman, Tx